Linear Motion Components Product Line-up

About Tusk Direct

Tusk Direct, Inc. opened its doors for business in 1989 to serve design engineers and their linear motion needs. A provider of many types of linear motion products, Tusk Direct, Inc. offers linear ball slides, linear crossed roller slides and crossed roller tables that are ready for installation right out of the box. We offer a full line of micrometer driven positioning stages, ball screw driven tables, lead screw driven tables, crossed roller rail sets and dovetail slides that are all available in a wide range of travels and accuracy’s. Please contact us to discuss your linear motion needs. Industry terms for our products include: linear slides, ball slides, crossed roller slides, linear motion slides, positioning stages, ball bushings, shafting, linear rails, roller tables, roller slides, recirculating guides, micrometer slides, precision slides, lead screw stages, ball screw stages, multi axis stages, among others.